The Revolution School

graphic of a phoenix rising from flames with a rainbow extending from its right wings

We are an open collective of artists, magicians, activists, hackers, academics, psychokinetics, witches, scientists, healers, empaths, thieves, chemists, archivists, gamers, freaks, friends, allies, and enemies (aka Superheroes and Scroogers) who meet fortnightly. We began in August 2020 as a Commonwealth and Council Summer School program, “The Revolution: Operation Scrooge and League of Superheroes,” facilitated by Jennifer Moon, custodian of The Revolution. Revolution School has since expanded beyond forming the two action teams, League of Superheroes and Operation Scrooge, to process, inspire, support, and facilitate actualizing projects by members of Rev School that embody and animate The Two Principles of The Revolution:

1. Always* operate from a place of abundance**
2. Always choose the most expansive*** route

* Always means pertaining to any manner of actions that can be deemed revolutionary.
** Abundance is knowing you are enough for the mere fact that you exist.
*** Expansive is reaching beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital.
Note: One can *only* decipher the most expansive route when one is operating from a place of abundance. The most expansive route can change from moment to moment, as we move through space and time, and based on continually shifting specificities of entanglements and intra-actions with apparatuses, bodies, and material-discursive practices that co-produce ethico-onto-epistem-ologies.

We believe the primary reason someone holds onto power and resources is because of unacknowledged, unprocessed, and unloved trauma. A Scrooger is someone who actively befriends their traumas and, therefore, can have expansive relationships with another person’s traumas. A Superhero is someone who actively offers alternatives to carceral-based institutional apparatuses that have become naturalized.

Not only are our projects revolutionary; the group itself is emerging as its own revolutionary project. Currently, The Revolution School Google Group consists of sixty members and The Revolution Discord consists of thirty-seven members, both with varying, come-and-go, open participation. Out of this large group, dedicated team affiliations form to work on specific projects. As of 2021, we have formed two team affiliations: My Litttle BEI 🤖🐱 and ND Time Bandits.

Each active member of Rev School builds a player card to add to the expansion of The Revolution Deck: Scroogers and Superheroes, as either a Scrooger or Superhero or a hybrid of both. The cards are designed by Devin Alejandro-Wilder and inspired by Jessie Closson’s Superheroes/Scrooger Trello cards. Below are member player cards for My Little BEI 🤖🐙 and ND Time Bandits.

💌 Email The Revolution to join!