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Adventures With You, episode 9

Adventures With You: Episode 9
Sunday, April 30th, from 6–7pm (PDT)

About two months ago, sometime within the hours that shifted February 23rd to the 24th, I had one of those vivid dreams where I'm being super sexy and romantic with an IRL friend and not necessarily a close friend but someone I must be attracted to in some way because I'm having this dream. Have you ever had one of these dreams? Where you wake up and all of a sudden you have a crush on this person, like the intimacy experienced in the dream is so real that it seeps out into IRL space forever changing your perception of this person? Well, it happened to me to an extent where I couldn't ignore my feelings and had to confess my crush to this person, an invitation for intimacy, which was further complicated because this person identifies as a grey asexual and aromantic.

As someone who can go many years without intimate physical contact with another person, I have more than once considered the position of asexuality. And through my adventuring with this specific ace, I'm learning that asexuals occupy a complicated place in the spectrum of sexuality (as well as in relation to queer theory), with differing definitions even within the ace community, and that asexuality does not necessarily equate to a lack of sexuality, which is often pathologized, but, rather, most aces are simply not motivated or interested in "sex" or "romance" at all. And regarding this particular ace, on the rare occasion they are sexual, they only enjoy heavily mediated situations. So our intra-actions and intimate play takes place on platforms such as Avakin Life, an avatar VR app, or WoW (World of Warcraft), or through language and role-playing via emails and texts. And to further complicate this, we often role-play games around violence that mess with the psychological parameters of intimacy and games that seek to destroy the systems that inform us as subjects, including asexuality and aromanticism and notions of real and fantasy.

This has led us to games that merge IG (In Game) space with IRL space, maintaining that IG space is just as real as IRL space, in an attempt to break the systems that keep us locked in a 5% reality. And this play has been quite violent at times, resulting in at least one public killing of a subject, a death of self, yet within an infinite labyrinth, a type of Procedural Death Labyrinth, where we seek to kill each other over and over again in order to facilitate an expansion beyond the 5%. And this is then further complicated by how my adventuring with this ace violates and complicates my relationship with laub, a relationship also committed to death of self, merging, and expanding beyond the 5%. There is a lot here to adventure within so you'll just have to listen to the show!

Tune in to KCHUNG Radio 1630AM Chinatown and streaming live at Sunday, April 30th, from 6–7pm (PDT) for some heavily mediated intimacy, merging IG spaces with IRL spaces, breaking bodies, and breaking systems to expand us beyond the 5%!

If you'd like to practice for The Song We Sing Together, go here.

Boot Camp for Revolutionaries

Boot Camp for Revolutionaries
WCCW, Saturday, April 22nd, 2–5pm

I'm excited to facilitate a series of three Boot Camp for Revolutionaries workshops at the Women's Center for Creative Work to coincide with their spring Coalition programming! Thank you to those who came out to the first workshop. The level of engagement was truly revolutionary! The second workshop is Saturday, April 22nd, from 2–5pm. Come if ya wanna make collective love with your magnificent darkness, the 95% of unknowable matter and energy that is the universe (and you!). Boot Camp for Revolutionaries focuses on acknowledging our traumas—and even learning to befriend them—in order to transform trauma into a superpower for connection and revolution. 👊💥🚀✨💖

Merging Science and Faith
Saturday, Apr 22nd, 2–5pm
Are we interacting with each other or is it our beliefs that are interacting? Who are we beyond our beliefs? This workshop will explore recent discoveries in science such as dark matter and dark energy, quantum physics, cognitive science, gene expression, microbiota and the second brain in our guts, which point to alternative ways of being that can expand our reality beyond the matrix of our beliefs.

Please read Definition of Abundance: Principle 1 of The Revolution prior to the workshop.

Third workshop date and topic:
Saturday, May 27th, 2–5pm: Befriending Trauma

Principles and format of the process group

Process Group
Every other Thursday from 7–9pm, next group May 4th

Do you want to have an intimate and expansive relationship with your feelings and learn to process them group therapy style? Why is this important? Why is it imperative that we acknowledge our traumas? Or simply feel our feelings and understand where they come from and what to do with them? If we don't begin to dig deep into our feelings and beliefs that keep us unwittingly desiring our own oppression, how will we ever create a world other than what we see around us? If this sounds important to you, please come process with us!

Day and time
: every other Thursday, 7–9pm
Next group: May 4, 2017
Location: 841 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

Thank you everyone who came out to see our performance, At the Edge of Space and Time: Expanding beyond Our 4% Universe! Thank you Hammer Museum, Emily Gonzalez-Jarrett and Leslie Cozzi, and the most wonderful tech crew (Sadie, Tim, Christina, Vincent, Linton, Lilly, Gabe, and I know I'm missing two or three other people!). If you didn't get to see our performance live, WATCH THIS! 💩✨🔭💫🌸💖🚀💥!

In order for there to be a true revolution today, our ideas about revolution must change, the cause of revolution must change, and the force behind revolution must change. It's time to revolutionize the way we think about revolution. Watch this video and learn how!

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