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geometric heart graphic, Boot Camp for Revolutionaries: Befriending Trauma

Boot Camp for Revolutionaries
WCCW, Saturday, May 27th, 2–5pm

I'm excited to facilitate a series of three Boot Camp for Revolutionaries workshops at the Women's Center for Creative Work to coincide with their spring Coalition programming! The third and final workshop is Saturday, May 27th, from 2–5pm. Come if ya wanna make collective love with your magnificent darkness, the 95% of unknowable matter and energy that is the universe (and you!). Let's create new realities TOGETHER! πŸ–€πŸ˜πŸ–€

Befriending Trauma
Saturday, May 27th, 2–5pm
How do you infuse a similar spirit of revolution to community organizing AND to your personal relationships and interactions with colleagues, friends, lovers, family, and social media? This workshop will delve deep into our shame identities forged through trauma to understand how we have learned to give and receive love to transform love into a political force for revolution.

Please read Definition of Abundance: Principle 1 of The Revolution prior to the workshop.

photo of laub and Jennifer Moon sitting in bed, Adventures With You, episode 10

Adventures With You

Sense3 Cluster Fuck episode of Adventures With You with laub is up in the archive! It's a very special episode that has inspired a lot of feelings in folks. Listen in on how laub and I are restructuring our relationship to include a third, not only a third person but also a third as in REVOLUTION! Then listen to laub's new show, The Normal Radio Show with Alex, to hear how laub REALLY feels about our Sense3 cluster πŸ™ƒ. Both shows are really good to listen to back to back. AND if you want to hear about my Infinite Death Labyrinth adventuring with vgti, the third in our Sense3 cluster, listen to that episode too!

Principles and format of the process group

Process Group
Every other Thursday from 7–9pm, next group June 1st

Do you want to have an intimate and expansive relationship with your feelings and learn to process them group therapy style? Why is this important? Why is it imperative that we acknowledge our traumas? Or simply feel our feelings and understand where they come from and what to do with them? If we don't begin to dig deep into our feelings and beliefs that keep us unwittingly desiring our own oppression, how will we ever create a world other than what we see around us? If this sounds important to you, please come process with us!

Day and time
: every other Thursday, 7–9pm
Next group: June 1, 2017 (facilitated by Veronique d'Entremont)
Location: 841 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

Thank you everyone who came out to see our performance, At the Edge of Space and Time: Expanding beyond Our 4% Universe! Thank you Hammer Museum, Emily Gonzalez-Jarrett and Leslie Cozzi, and the most wonderful tech crew (Sadie, Tim, Christina, Vincent, Linton, Lilly, Gabe, and I know I'm missing two or three other people!). If you didn't get to see our performance live, WATCH THIS! πŸ’©βœ¨πŸ”­πŸ’«πŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸš€πŸ’₯!

In order for there to be a true revolution today, our ideas about revolution must change, the cause of revolution must change, and the force behind revolution must change. It's time to revolutionize the way we think about revolution. Watch this video and learn how!

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