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Process Group
Every other Sunday from 6–8pm, next group December 23rd

Do you want to have an intimate and expansive relationship with your feelings and learn to process them group therapy style? Why is this important? Why is it imperative that we acknowledge our traumas? Or simply feel our feelings and understand where they come from and what to do with them? If we don't begin to dig deep into our feelings and beliefs that keep us unwittingly desiring our own oppression, how will we ever create a world other than what we see around us? If this sounds important to you, please come process with us!

This group is open to anyone interested in processing feelings group therapy style. Sign up for our mailing list. Let's feel our feelings together! 🤗😭😳😤😩🤣😘

Day and time
: every other Sunday, 6–8pm
Next group: December 23, 2018
Location: 841 WEST Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

Winning design proposal for Design the Mooniform, 2018, Omega Workshop presented by The Rational Dress Society, EFA Project Space, New York Winning team for Design the Mooniform challnege. 4swatche: Brianna, Gregory, Jasmine, and Evelyn

School for Endurance Work
Cal State LA Fine Arts Gallery, January 22—February 29, 2018

Soft opening reception: Saturday, January 26, 2019
Closing reception: Thursday, February 21, 2019, 7–10 pm

The School for Endurance Work, curated by Carole Frances Lung and Carol Cheh, assembles the Cal State LA Fine Arts gallery into a space for positioning knowledge as an exchange between object and subject. This accumulative proposition features Los Angeles based artists whose work is at the intersection of critical history, community engagement, feminism, revolution, sustainability, and visual resistance. The School for Endurance Work will offer a range of courses, providing Cal State LA students and the public to engaged with the artists through lectures, performances, drawing, music and a wiki-edit-a-thon.

Participating artists: Kim Abeles, Artemisa Clark, Zackary Drucker, Sonja Gerdes, Elisabeth Houston, Elana Mann, Jennifer Moon, Jemima Wyman

For the School for Endurance Work, 4SWATCHÉ—Briana Alvarez (left), Xiomara Fonseca (not pictured), and Gregory Lewis (center)—and I will be producing 4SWATCHÉ's design for the MOONIFORM, which I will wear as my everyday outfit! We will be setting up a production lab inside the gallery. Come by to witness the creation of the MOONIFORM!

4SWATCHÉ is a collective of persons who aim to end waste in the world by utilizing the power of abundance. Through this discovery, 4SWATCHÉ formulated MOONIFORM. They are: Briana Alvarez, Senior at California State University Los Angeles majoring in ART- Option in Fashion, Fiber, and Materials; Xiomara Fonseca, Senior at California State University Los Angeles majoring in ART- Option in Fashion, Fiber, and Materials; Gregory Lewis, Senior at California State University Los Angeles majoring in Graphic Design.

In order for there to be a true revolution today, our ideas about revolution must change, the cause of revolution must change, and the force behind revolution must change. It's time to revolutionize the way we think about revolution. Watch these videos and learn how!

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