Boot Camp for Revolutionaries

drawing of person falling backwards off a platform into the cradling arms of a group of people

Thank you Armory Center for the Arts for hosting a series of three Revolution Workshops: Death of Self, Operation Scrooge, and How to Operate from a Place of Abundance!

Thank you DTU: Intersession for inviting Boot Camp for Revolutionaries to facilitate a workshop on Befriending Trauma at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. You can watch documentation of the workshop here!

Thank you WCCW for hosting a series of three Boot Camp for Revolutionaries as part of their spring 2017 Coalition programming!

Read a review by Winnie Herbstein of the very first Boot Camp for Revolutionaries in 2013 at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow!

Do you think you got what it takes to be a revolutionary? Do you believe you're operating from a place of abundance? Can you intuitively choose the most expansive route from moment to moment?

Test your revolutionary abilities and learn new ones in this one-day, intensive, interactive course for revolutionaries!

Boot Camp for Revolutionaries will employ group-dynamic initiatives and high ropes course elements to help uncover your individual fears and unexpansive tendencies, which require your love and attention in order for you to operate from a place of abundance and intuitively choose the most expansive route from moment to moment.

Want to be a revolutionary and help bring about a new world of love and continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond? Then sign up today!

Contact The Revolution for more information on this unique and expansive opportunity!

WARNING: Boot Camp for Revolutionaries is intended for the serious revolutionary only. We will be digging in deep and you will most likely cry, get angry, experience some level of fear, and/or feel any number of highly uncomfortable emotions (yet always within the unfaltering framework of unadulterated love). This is an adult class: you must be at least 18 years of age to enroll.

This is where that bit of courage comes in because it takes strength to venture in the face of discomfort, difficulty, and fear to acknowledge, befriend, and learn to love all those characters, qualities, and behaviors, which may stimulate initial feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness, disgust, and self-loathing. Those uncomfortable feelings, which you have tried so hard to ignore, rationalize away, escape through numerous and varying degrees of diversions and addictions, or suppress with positive affirmations and good deeds, are worthy of your attention, love, and understanding because they are, in fact, your greatest gifts: they will lead you to a level of awareness, empathy, connection, expansion, and freedom beyond tangible comprehension and imagination.

- Definition of Abundance: Principle 1 of The Revolution, p. 21