Child Genius Conference

What makes a child genius a child genius, a wunderkind or child prodigy? In 1996, Ellen Winner in her book, Gifted Children: Myths and Realities, used the term "rage to master" to describe "an intense and obsessive interest, an ability to focus sharply" that is attributed to gifted children. More recently, in a 2009 publication of the International Handbook on Giftedness, Larry R. Vandervert cited extensive imaging research to explain the abilities of prodigies as a collaboration of working memory and the cognitive functions of the cerebellum: a decomposing and recomposing of visual-spatial working memory and other notational system-related working memory by the cerebellum and then blended in the cerebral cortex. Vandervert believes this blending process is accelerated in child prodigies by their unique emotional dispositions. Child geniuses are essentially emotionally-driven and it is at this intersection that is of particular interest to The Revolution.

As an alternative to Winner's phrase, "rage to master," The Revolution instead recognizes a profoundly delightful and extraordinarily powerful enthusiasm exhibited by child geniuses, an enthusiasm that is sincere, earnest, and devoid of cunning and deceit. It is an emotional response of sheer fascination, wonder, playfulness, and enchantment that propels a child to embark on a guileless and endless adventure of unmitigated inquiry in order to rework information into new connections. The Revolution delights in the imagining of a Child Genius Conference and the formation of The League of Child Geniuses to create unimaginable forms and venues that propel the world to adopt a similar spirit of enthusiasm for life and the continuous expansion of all on this earth and beyond!

Take a look at these noted wunderkinds and see for yourself the joyful charm and magnetic vigor of Taylor Wilson, for example, or the confident charisma of precocious Thomas Suarez and envision these kids leading the world to revolution!

Below is a preliminary sketch of The Child Genius Conference:

diagram of a proposed Child Genius Conference