Nanobots for Hygiene Products

The Revolution acknowledges and honors the earth as a living entity. It is conceivably the most magnificent, multiplex organism in existence or within our current physical grasp and realm of understanding. It is not only the platform from which everything occurs—literally connecting every form of earthly matter and energy that has ever been, living, non-living, and otherwise—it is also our principal link to the galaxy, the universe, and beyond. The health and well-being of the earth is therefore of critical consequence and The Revolution is diligent to ensure its continued survival and prosperity.

With a seeming increase in conventional neuroses related to achieving and maintaining cleanliness, accompanied by a consistent drive for efficiency and convenience, and the supplemental fear of contamination, disease, and judgment, comes a pernicious increase in the amount of solid waste. The Revolution is concerned with an apparent trend for disposable cleaning products: single-use mop pads, toilet bowl brushes, disinfectant wipes, facial cleansing cloths, etc. The Revolution understands that clean and tidy environments provide a tangible sense of ease and freedom that can stimulate vision and creation. However, The Revolution will not sacrifice the vitality of the earth to accommodate human comforts ultimately rooted in fear, control, and compulsion. As a way to significantly reduce the manufacturing of ceaseless products and product/by-product waste while simultaneously providing the liberation offered in salubrious conditions, The Revolution proposes to employ nanobots for household cleaning and personal hygiene solutions.

Nanotechnology has already made extraordinary advances using DNA origami to create nanorobots that can correctly identify different types of cancer cells in order to release a payload to stop malignant cell growth or activate the immune system. The Revolution envisions a similar functioning nanobot for every variety of cleaning solution. A facial cleanser, for example, can contain nanobots designed to clean out dirt and oil from your pores. A single application and the nanobots continuously work for weeks, months, maybe even years. A few sprays of nanobots developed to capture or dissolve dust can keep your home dust free indefinitely. By employing nanobots in every imaginable hygiene and cleaning product, the steady accumulation of non-degrading and slow-degrading solid waste will not only cease, therefore conserving the earth, but personal time and energy will be freed up to facilitate the possibility of new discoveries, connections, and experiences beyond our current imagination!