Design the Moon Uniform!

4SWATCHÉ's MOONIFORM is heading to another exhibition, Augmented Realities: Performance In Real Life, at Love’s Remedies at the Reef, March 1–28, 2019!

DESIGNERS WANTED to create the ultimate uniform for The Revolution's primary custodian, Jennifer Moon. If your design is chosen, Jennifer Moon will wear your uniform as her everyday outfit for a year or longer! Will you be the one to fashion the look of The Revolution?

The uniform will take inspiration from the two principles of The Revolution, abundance and expansion, as well as one of Foucault's principles to the art of living counter to all forms of fascism:

"Do not think that one has to be sad in order to be militant"

Your design may be a single uniform suitable for all occasions and seasons (which could work in Los Angeles where Jennifer Moon lives and works) or a few variations of the same uniform depending on occasion and season (e.g., dressy, casual, winter, summer) or you can design separates that can be mixed and matched. Whatever you decide, the look must be iconic of The Revolution and inspired to mobilize the public to revolution!

Below are notes from Jennifer Moon of looks that inspire her and/or check out this poster that was part of Omega Workshop: An experiment in counter-fashion, organized by The Rational Dress Society, at EFA Project Space.

custom design of an admiral's uniform designed by JJohnson

I am a TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation) fan so when I consider uniforms, I immediately think of the uniforms worn by the crew of the TNG USS Enterprise. The above drawings are not official TNG regalia. They are custom designed uniforms I found on a site called The Starfleet 1701st Star Trek Uniform Club. They are proposals for Starfleet admiral outfits. Even though I admire the lifestyle and values of TNG and often make references to TNG in relation to The Revolution, I do not want to be typecast as a Trekkie or Trekker. If the non-monetary/non-capitalist values and spirit of adventure and discovery depicted on TNG can be captured in the Moon Uniform, that would be suitable.

Star Wars Galactic Empire uniform

Revolution often implies a battle, a struggle, a fight for a cause such as the continuous expansion of all on this earth and beyond! Even though The Revolution does not endorse warfare of any kind, it does involve courageously adventuring within and battling unexpansive beliefs entities within oneself and embracing traumas that are preventing one from operating from a place of abundance. So in this sense, The Revolution requires a constant and unwavering militant approach: militant with love, militant to adventure within in order to operate from a place of abundance, and militant for the continuous expansion of all on this earth and beyond! Interestingly enough, I have always been drawn to fascist military uniforms (not to fascists!). Perhaps it's the parasitic fascist belief entities housed within me or maybe fascists simply have more counter-fashion sense because they are by far the most stylish, sleek, and flattering of all military garb. Above is a Galactic Empire uniform from the Star Wars universe.

aviator look from Harper's Bazaar

A spirit of adventure is ever present throughout The Revolution. The Indiana Jones-type adventurer is fun and thrilling and also problematic in its blatant endorsement of settler colonial museum practices. I prefer the look of an aviator adventurer with its suggestion of flight, soaring, and reaching new heights. Here is an aviator look from a fashion shoot in Harper's Bazaar paying homage to Amelia Earhart.

photo of Greg Best on Gem Twist jumping over a huge fence at the 1988 Olympics

I jump horses as a hobby so I love equestrian fashion with the breeches and boots but more remarkable and meaningful is the look of the rider atop a horse soaring through the air like a psychic arrow. The symbiotic relationship between a rider and a horse is based in empathy and telepathy. It is trust, love, and faith that allows one to let go of self in order to psychically merge with another being to form a third super entity that can achieve feats neither could do on their own. Above is a famed image of one of the best show jumpers in history, Gem Twist, with rider Greg Best at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

English romanticism look from Vivienne Westwood Fall 2010 collection

As a contrast to the no-frills and somewhat rigid uniformity and masculinity of the previous fashions, I also like romantic or fanciful accents and flair. These pictured outfits are not conducive to sporting around or being superhero stealth but if there was a way to incorporate some romantic essence in the Moon Uniform, that would be lovely. The fashions above are from the Vivienne Westwood Fall 2010 collection.

In addition to the examples provided, I love sci-fi/fantasy, the future, implication of magic, quantum physics, dark matter/dark energy, and the quality of the unknown. But most imperative is that the Moon Uniform be comfortable, functional, flattering, and expressive of the principles of The Revolution.

May your designs abundantly overflow with the promise of continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond!