Faction 2: Political Pop Culture

The Revolution is resolute in its commitment to encourage the populace to continually question the way we generally perceive ourselves, others, and the world around us by utilizing widespread, popular venues, such as music, television, film, radio, Internet, fashion, in order to create a politically motivated and socially conscious popular culture, inspiring continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond!

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Do Your Own Thang!

Want to make music, design clothes, start a webisode, be an actor... Go ahead, do it! Faction 2 supports your dreams (and by partnering with Faction 3, The Revolution can also help you to achieve them)! Just don't get seduced by the spectacle arena of representations and become an unknowing pawn, ultimately perpetuating the various subtle and cunning forms of O&R (oppression & repression). As Michel Foucault notes in the art of living counter to all forms of fascism, "It is the connection of desire to reality (and not its retreat into the forms of representation) that possesses revolutionary force."

Continually ask yourself the following: am I doing this to fill a need, a sense of emptiness, lack and unworthiness, or am I doing this because I simply cannot stop it from abundantly overflowing out of me? If you are truly operating from a place of abundance, your integrity will be steadfast and you will automatically choose the most expansive route from moment to moment.

Share how you are creating a political pop culture by posting your projects on The Revolution's facebook page!

Design the Moon Uniform
Adventures Within on KChung radio with Jennifer Moon and Robert Watkins, a production of Faction 2 of The Revolution
Phoenix Rising Saga

Political Pop Culture
Faction 2 of The Revolution

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