Conduit Corporation

The single function of the Conduit Corporation is to redistribute wealth (i.e., resources, services, information, and opportunities) around the world so that everyone on this earth has free access to food, clothing, shelter, and health care—to provide for everyone's basic survival needs.

The Revolution wholeheartedly believes that living/working to survive is not living. Why do millions of people die every year of starvation when there are plenty of resources to go around? The Revolution is resolute in its commitment to continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond in order to venture into the unknown, to realize the currently unimaginable, and to facilitate the impossible, which can only occur if all on this earth (and beyond) operate free from the living-to-survive work model and are available to actively participate in life.[1]

The Revolution also understands that current government and popular politics are too encumbered to implement drastic economic changes necessary to ensure a platform of equality by providing for everyone's survival needs. Therefore, it is with gratitude and enthusiasm that Faction 3 of The Revolution steps in to initiate the formation of a new economy by perverting the systems and desires created within capitalism that sustain capitalism: namely the corporation and the pervasive sense of dissatisfaction and endless wanting ingrained within the people.

In essence, the Conduit Corp functions much like a giant, multifaceted Robin Hood that sells to the rich and gives to the poor. Working in conjunction with the FMP Nonprofit, the Conduit Corp proposes to sell all manner of coveted objects and services that excel in quality, innovation, and style. The profits are then channeled throughout the world, abating the gross inequality until everyone's survival needs are taken care of; money as we know it will cease to exist and the facilitation of continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond will begin to flourish.

To prevent the Conduit Corp from becoming like any other capitalist mega institution, breeding an autocratic monopoly for private profit and control, an inherently unique and indispensable safeguard constitutes the internal organization of the corporation: every single person employed by the Conduit Corp will be paid the same from the CEO to the janitor. This will ensure that all who work for the Conduit Corp truly operate from a place of abundance, have immense amounts of courage and faith, and value life and continuous expansion over money and personal profit.

If you are not ready to live this level of economic homogeneity, don't fret. The Revolution will never force or condemn anyone who is not ready for certain forms of expansion. How about pursuing a personal passion and starting a small business instead? Faction 3 can help you realize your dreams.

The Conduit Corp is also an umbrella corporation that houses independently owned, small businesses of all kinds. The businesses under the umbrella of the Conduit Corp are free to function just as any other business functions today and you receive the added benefit of access to the FMP Nonprofit to help produce your goods. The only condition is that a portion of your profits go to the Conduit Corp to be channeled throughout the world, helping to relieve hunger and poverty. It would be the same as giving to a charity, but this is not a charity.[2] This is Revolution!

[1]^ For a thorough text detailing this Faction, including why it will benefit you to care about the welfare of others (if, for example, you are a staunch capitalist, libertarian, or steadfast in a belief advocating individualism, ownership, and self-advancement), please read About Faction 3.

[2] For an entertaining video illustrating how charity has become an implement of capitalism, watch the RSA Animate of Slavoj Zizek's talk, First as Tragedy: Then as Farce.