FMP Nonprofit

The FMP Nonprofit provides Free Means of Production to the public in order to stimulate a classless, world society of producers.

Currently, the means of production are owned by an impenetrable minority while the majority work to survive and to increase capital for the select "owners" to control and determine its use. As Marx initially pointed out, this cultural practice of ownership of the means of production creates an inherent class division where there exists a small echelon of "owners" and the remainder of society are considered "workers."[1]

In addition, the creation of goods and services for profit, as is the definition of capitalism, then perverts a reasonable assumption that people use the means of production to create product into the means of production use the people to create product for profit. Humans are essentially used as things where increasing profit and capital become more important than the livelihood and well-being of people.

The FMP Nonprofit proposes to subvert this ingrained formation of socioeconomic classes and the exploitation of humans used as things that produce profit by freely supplying every manner of means of production to all on this earth, therefore enabling a life of creative pursuits and continuous expansion. The FMP Nonprofit will provide free access to factories, shops, machines, technologies, and tools to produce all varieties of goods and services to sell directly through the Conduit Corp or through your own independently owned, small business under the umbrella of the Conduit Corp. The profits are recycled back into the FMP Nonprofit to maintain operation and distributed throughout the world to provide for everyone's survival needs. Working in conjunction with the Conduit Corp, the FMP Nonprofit will also offer its own services to the public as needed, such as credit unions, insurances, utilities, mechanics, medical care, etc., as well as establish research labs to develop new medicines and technologies.

A life of producing capital for the sake of producing capital is not only bizarre but inhumane in that capital has no interest in human life apart from humans being instruments to create profit. The time has long past to facilitate the prosperity of people and other beings (living and otherwise) based in unadulterated love, abundance, and continuous expansion for all on this earth and beyond!

[1]^ It important to note that owning the means of production is not the same as owning property or equivalent to owning lots of money.