Adventures Within: 2012 episodes

Episode 6: S is for Shame. F is for Faith.

photo of Jennifer kneeling by her bed praying with Mr. Snuggles sleeping soundly on the bedIf you believe there are monsters in the world and that the world is senseless and there should be stricter laws of control, it is an indication that there are parts within you that you consider monstrous and senseless, which you work hard to control and suppress. I invite you to adventure within and learn to regard your "dark side" with compassion and love in an attempt to learn and understand rather than persecute and deny. Once you learn to make sense of what's going on inside of you and you learn to befriend and even love your "monsters," the world outside will no longer seem senseless and monstrous. You will then become available and present to create a world that is reflective of your abundance; and that is vastly more powerful than any form of fear. Robert's shameful playlist. Broadcast date: 12/16/12.

Episode 5: Learning to Love Myself (it is The Greatest Love of All)

photo of Jennifer holding a knife and cookbook with Mr. Snuggles sitting in a pot on the stoveLast episode, I felt overcome with fear in an attempt to say the "right" thing: to say things in line with what I believe a revolutionary operating from a place of abundance would say. This preoccupation with saying the right thing ultimately prevented me from being honest and also vulnerable, necessary qualities to enable magic. So this episode, I'm gonna fuck shit up! No notes, no script; just me and Mr. Snuggles ready to rumble with my own unexpansive beliefs and feelings of lack so that they can continue to loosen their grip on me to allow for greater freedom. I might just say stupid, unexpansive, unrevolutionary, and wrong shit and I'm gonna like it and maybe you will too. Robert's fun playlist. Broadcast date: 11/18/12.

Episode 4: Meet Me in the Field of Magic

photo of Jennifer on a horse jumping over a fenceCan you really see a person? A true revolutionary has the ability to cut through a person's beliefs to see the light that's in all of us. This ability to connect with love and expansive energy, which is at the core of all of us, and not react to beliefs, which is not who a person is, is the key to entering the realm of the wondrously impossible. Can we take advantage of our stirring emotions during this election time to propel us into a journey within so that we may discover and befriend our fears and areas of lack in order to facilitate the development of true revolutionaries? Join me and see! Robert's episode 4 playlist. Broadcast date: 10/21/12.

Episode 3: Will You Adventure Within Me?

photo of Jennifer and Kelly Jo Kamp making funny facesLast episode, I warned against the likely follies of adventuring within someone else without an invitation. In this episode, you will experience the expansive possibilities of adventuring within someone else WITH an invitation! Listen as guest co-host, Kelly Jo Kamp, and I invite the other to adventure within in order to uncover the areas that we are sometimes unable to recognize because they are being obscured by core beliefs that block us from continuous expansion and unconsciously dictate how we perceive and interact with ourselves, others, and the world. Get ready to Adventure Within! Robert's episode 3 playlist. Broadcast date: 9/11/12.

Episode 2: The Brilliance of Judging Others

photo of Michael Jackson singingAs Michael Jackson passionately sings, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror!" Yet sometimes in order to truly see and get to the man in the mirror, one must start by paying attention to how you judge others because it will clue you into how you judge yourself. "The way in which you judge yourself can be indistinct: it often occurs involuntarily under many layers and in many disguises without your recognition or consent. Therefore, an excellent guide to figure out how you judge yourself is to become hyper-aware of how you judge others because the things you judge so harshly in others are essentially the things you judge so harshly in yourself…" Once you identify the ways in which you judge yourself, the healing can begin; so what are you waiting for, let the judging begin! Robert's episode 2 playlist. Broadcast date: 8/14/12.

Episode 1: Love as a Political Concept

photo of Michael Hardt looking up and smilingMichael Hardt identifies five ways in which love has been destroyed as a political concept: 1. Love of the same or as an idenitarian concept; 2. Segregation of eros and agape; 3. Love merging in unity, thus, love is the destruction of difference; 4. Reduction of love to charity; 5. Love as a passion or a sensation, denying its productivity. In this premier episode of Adventures Within, I discuss the ways in which love has been destroyed as a political concept in order to define an unadulterated embodiment of love, which forms the basis of The Revolution, so that we may "return," as Hardt would say, "to a love that hasn’t yet been realized." Robert's episode 1 playlist. Broadcast date: 7/21/12.

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